A Decent Day

Today was a decent day. There were a few little hiccups, thankfully nothing to derail me. I went to therapy this morning and the session went well. Nothing major to report, we talked about my thoughts on marriage equality and some of the things I have seen a RadFem blog about because I decided to leave a comment, which I will note was never relied to, not as if I expected her to… anyway, the main thing to come out today was also talking about what I ant to do for Halloween, and how I need to finish getting my outfit together.

Speaking of which, I found a really cute pullover sweater with a winter theme. It’s light grey and wonderfully soft and it fits perfectly. I also found a small Coach purse. It’s black leather with silver buckles. We’re not sure if it’s real or not, but I don’t really care since it’s so cute and I found it at Goodwill for $7…. I’m beside myself with happy!

Much of what I am thinking of for going out depends on the weather. If it’s  cold as it has been for the past several years, then I’ll wear my new sweater, maybe black jeans and a pair of flats. If it’s warmer, I have several tops to choose from, including a green short sleeve I’ve been dying to wear.

The only real question is if I’m going to wear the same wig as last year, which is the one I am wearing in my pictures. I would like to find a new hairstyle which is closer to my natural color. But as with anything, it comes down to cost. I hope to find something I’m comfortable with and can afford. I wish I could simply go with my own hair, but I’m a little too thin on top to get away with doing so. Just another thing I have to begin dealing with before it gets any worse.

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