Home Again

The good news is AC is now back home and settling in. He is to take it easy for the time being to give his back a chance to recover. I don’t know the technical name for what he has, I just know it’s a very long word, but what it amount to is a swelling in his spinal joints due to a viral infection.It’s one of those things the doctors don’t know why it happens and all they can really do is treat the symptoms. The unusual thing is, usually effect the hips and his is in the spine. There were some other issues which came up which concerned the doctors, possible reasons for a spike in temp, which I found out reached 105 at one point. There were also blood pressure and respiratory issues and they almost sent him up to ICU, though in the end they decided against it. They took a ton of labs, though I’m not sure if they have everything back yet, but we’ll know more when he sees the family doc next week.

For now it is being treated with an anti-inflammatory, ibuprofen, and rest. He will be allowed to go back to school on Monday, just no PE until further notice.

I want to send out a big Thank you to everyone for your thoughts and prayers, knowing all of you are out there really helped during all the uncertainty.




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