Latest Update

So, they decided to keep AC for one more night just to be safe since he spiked a fever last night. They took cultures but the doctor thinks it is something viral but they expect to release him tomorrow.

Speaking of viral infections, his back pain and weakness is being caused by the connecting tissue between two vertebrae being inflamed, which flared up because of an autoimmune response to an earlier infection. He’ll be on an anti-inflammatory and rest.This is a very good result because it is completely treatable. 

So hopefully this saga will be over tomorrow and things can get back to normal… well, as normal as they ever are around here!

8 thoughts on “Latest Update

  1. It’s so good to know that what AC is facing is treatable. Thanks for keeping us updated. I’m sure knowing what’s going on is a huge relief.

  2. Just read all of your updates and to save time of commenting on each one I’m leaving one here: I’m glad everything is turning out okay for your kiddo. I know how stressful it can be. Hang in there!

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