A Productive Day (Update)

(I had to change the initials of the specialist, he’s JT not KT.)


Sorry this is so late, I had to wait for the kids to go to bed.. and then, well I fell asleep for a bit.

I took three photos, not the best as I used my iFace camera, but it’s what I had in a pinch. I will have much better photos for Halloween!

There’s more to this story which I will share after the photos.


Kira 2


So there you have it. In the third pic I think I look a little crazy from the way I was looking into the camera!

Now for the rest of the story…

First, my day started at 5:30AM when I got up to get ready for my therapy session. There we talked about AC’s hospital stay and his treatment. We also talked about my talk with the boys and their reactions and my reaction to them. Over all, it was good and I’m glad I have someone I can talk to about these things.

Now for the second part of the day.

A decided I needed a pick-me-up, so she suggested we go to Ulta Beauty to see what they had. I really needed some new makeup, especially foundation. Something which goes better with my skin tone. It wasn’t long before we were pretty confused from all the choices and I suggested we ask for help.

First we met Sandy, a very helpful person who had some good advice on concealers. When we explained about going out on Halloween, she immediately suggested one of their specialists, JT.

W also met one of the managers, but I forget his name… Sorry! He was great to talk to as well and also recommended JT.

One thing of note here, I explained to both of them what I was looking for, and was asked if this was a one time thing or everyday and neither of them blinked an eye when I explained I’m trans. It was such a relief to be so open and honest, I still smile thinking about it.

We had to leave and come back as JT wasn’t on the clock yet so we did some quick shopping for Dinner and headed home long enough to grab a bite to eat and feed the kids, then it was back to Ulta.

JT is their brow specialist but he also consults on makeup. He is wonderful! Very personable and very professional. I explained what I wanted and he had some different suggestions for my makeup including doing a two part foundation. He even took it upon himself to do the application at no cost.The end look is what you see in the pictures.

One other thing I had done while I was there was to have my brows shaped. Did mention he is their specialist? I went with waxing as it gives the best results and it was a fairly quick process though I won’t kid you, it wasn’t pain free, but no where near as bad as I feared.

Overall it was a great experience and I’m glad A suggested it. I now have a place to go for beauty products where I won’t feel out of place.

So, to end this long story…

I made an appointment with JT to do my makeup on Halloween. A and I could do it, but this is more convenient and I think the results are going to be amazing. Oh, and best part is it’s only $30+tip. I think it’s money well spent.

New Hair

My new hair arrived today and I really like it. It’s much lighter in color but also in overall weight and it is a bit longer. 

Both of the older boys know I’m going to be dressed for Halloween, though neither is very happy about it. My youngest saw the wig and wanted to know if I could get my ‘costume’ on… of course he also wanted to put his on 🙂

Home Again

The good news is AC is now back home and settling in. He is to take it easy for the time being to give his back a chance to recover. I don’t know the technical name for what he has, I just know it’s a very long word, but what it amount to is a swelling in his spinal joints due to a viral infection.It’s one of those things the doctors don’t know why it happens and all they can really do is treat the symptoms. The unusual thing is, usually effect the hips and his is in the spine. There were some other issues which came up which concerned the doctors, possible reasons for a spike in temp, which I found out reached 105 at one point. There were also blood pressure and respiratory issues and they almost sent him up to ICU, though in the end they decided against it. They took a ton of labs, though I’m not sure if they have everything back yet, but we’ll know more when he sees the family doc next week.

For now it is being treated with an anti-inflammatory, ibuprofen, and rest. He will be allowed to go back to school on Monday, just no PE until further notice.

I want to send out a big Thank you to everyone for your thoughts and prayers, knowing all of you are out there really helped during all the uncertainty.




Latest Update

So, they decided to keep AC for one more night just to be safe since he spiked a fever last night. They took cultures but the doctor thinks it is something viral but they expect to release him tomorrow.

Speaking of viral infections, his back pain and weakness is being caused by the connecting tissue between two vertebrae being inflamed, which flared up because of an autoimmune response to an earlier infection. He’ll be on an anti-inflammatory and rest.This is a very good result because it is completely treatable. 

So hopefully this saga will be over tomorrow and things can get back to normal… well, as normal as they ever are around here!

Jelly Belly Candy Chair and New York Hedge Fund Manager Underwriting Anti-Trans Student Initiative

It’s shameful it takes people lying and misrepresenting the facts to perpetuate fear and hate on others.

Women Born Transsexual

From Frontiers LA:  http://www.frontiersla.com/frontiers-blog/2013/10/22/jelly-belly-candy-chair-and-new-york-hedge-fund-manager-underwriting-anti-trans-student-initiative

by Karen Ocamb

Like to munch on those gummy bears or jelly beans or candy corn as you spruce up your Halloween costume? Well, for every handful of what you think might be good, clean fun or a childhood sense memory, you’re putting money into the pocket of one of the men who’s trying to take away the rights of trans and non-gender-conforming expressive students.

These are kids like 12-year-old Jazz, who wanted to play on the girls’ soccer team at school, and 6-year-old Coy Mathis, whose family fought back after the school said she was not allowed to use the girls’ bathroom. For their courage—and that of their families—the two trans girls (pictured above) were honored by GLAAD at the organization’s 24th Media Awards gala in New York City last March 

Herman Rowland Sr., Chair of the Jelly Belly Candy Company, is a

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Update 2

I was hoping to have a good report to make, but A had to head back to the hospital. The oldest, who I’m going to call AC to save time, is back to running a fever of 103. They gave him Ibuprofen, but it hasn’t helped so they are doing a fluid push and adding Tylenol to try and bring it down.

They had decided to keep him another night because there was a jump in his white cell count and a low grade fever. Turns out to have been a good idea.

We will have to wait until morning at the earliest to learn what the MRI revealed, if anything. The good news on that front is they only did his lower back having decided it was unlikely the issue was in his head or neck.

So now it’s back to waiting to see what happens. I’ll let you know when I find out anything.





Sorry, I only meant to take a little nap but overslept.

I talked to A, they had scheduled an MRI for early afternoon but didn’t get him in until late. Not sure what time but it was after 4:30. Once it was done, his temp was 104 because of the scan and they had to wait for hi m to reach normal before he could return to his room which he did just in time to order some Dinner. Poor kid hadn’t had anything to eat since yesterday so he was happy to have something.

A is still waiting to see if they are going to tell the results tonight though she hasn’t heard anything. As soon as I have any news, I’ll let everyone know.




In Addition


For obvious reasons I wasn’t able to write anything earlier. As of now, we really don’t know anything regarding my oldest other then they don’t know anything yet. Neurology decided they wanted him admitted so a specialist could see him first thing in the morning. Also they scheduled an MRI for tomorrow, though I don’t know when it will be done. So for the moment all I can do is wait and hope this turns out to me nothing. I will post an update as soon as I know more.

On a different front… Remember when I asked if I had done something stupid? Well, I did but not what I was thinking. I cut/pasted the email I sent and in doing made sure I removed my step moms name… then forgot to go deeper into the message and delete some other information about myself. I could go back and edit the post to remove anything I’m not comfortable with, but at this point the damage is done and all I would be doing is closing the barn door after the horses already left.

My main concern has always been my families privacy and safety, especially my children. Hopefully this won’t turn out to have negative consequences. Again, all I can do is hold my breath and wait.

I know this isn’t much and I hope to have more later in the day. I still have a post in reserve if I need it so I will post something one way or the other.


Until Later,