Starting Over

I lost the flow on writing “Broken” and had to start all over with nothing more than my original plot. I went back and looked at a large collection of art and music to gain some inspiration and I think I am ready to start again. This does put me behind in my word count but I believe I’m going to have a better story for having done this.


Here is a watercolor by shastinahell-n I would love to have for my cover.

(Just scroll through the images)

43 Watercolor Painting by shastinahell n



Also, here is the new music playlist I have put together:

1) The Dawning – David Hollandsworth

2) Part 2 – June (Melancholia) – Richard P John

3) A Friend Like You – David Hollandsworth

4) Little Princess Waltz – David Hollandsworth

5) Someday – David Hollandsworth

6) Who You Are – Richard P John

7) Simply You – David Hollandsworth

8) Little Blue Eyes – David Hollandsworth

9) Every Friend You Know – Young Collective

10) Solitude – David Hollandsworth

11) Who You Are (II) – Richard P John

12) Thanksgiving – David Hollandsworth

13) Goodbye November – David Hollandsworth

14) Little Flower (Kohana’s Theme) – David Hollandsworth

15) Snowflake Waltz – David Hollandsworth

16) Louder Than Air – Young Collective

6 thoughts on “Starting Over

  1. That’s some beautiful music. Thank you for taking the time to add all those links. And good for you — starting over is incredibly hard. You’ve got a lot of courage. (But I kinda already knew that…)

  2. Just write it. Get it down. I’m so jealous that you actually have a story to tell. I’m flailing around writing some filler bullshit. Get the words out. Don’t worry about flow, or anything like that, that’s what future drafts are for. Just get the words out of your head.

    NOW! Stop reading this and go write.

  3. Hi Kira,

    Thanks for the links with my music to your readers. Much appreciated. Out of interest, where/when did you come across my music?
    I’ve always wanted to take part in NaNoWriMo, but I always forget about it! Maybe next year… Regarding your latest post though (6th November), don’t worry if you can’t finish anything on time, the most important thing is that you write everyday!
    Best wishes,

    1. Hi Richard,

      Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. I found your music through your Noise Trade samplers. I then looked to see what was available on YouTube. I used the YouTube videos to link to because I used songs from more than one sampler and it was easier to link to individual songs. I hope I can purchase all of you CDs at some point as I really enjoy what I have heard so far.
      I have participated NaNoWriMo before, but this is the first year since I started antidepressants and it is a real challenge. It’s worth it though and this is helping me learn new ways to find my creativity and express it.

      Thank you again,

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