Where You Mine? (Poem)

Where You Mine?

By Kira A. Moore


Night is falling,

The phone silent,

The street empty.


Did you forget me?

Is there something,

Better for you to do?


Silence is screaming,

The darkness engulfing,

And I am so cold.


I’ve lost you.

Did I ever have you,

Or was it all in my mind?

5 thoughts on “Where You Mine? (Poem)

  1. Lovely poem. Captures that feeling so well.
    A response:

    Out of the cold and silent darkness
    a warm secret tiptoes in;
    she is not cruel but her words still cut:
    “No one can ever truly have another person, or
    expect them to be who we need,
    when we need, how we need,” the secret says.
    “Indeed, we cannot even have ourselves in that way;
    regardless of what we wish,
    changing our essence is beyond us.”
    Gently she continues:
    “We can reject us or accept us,
    but we cannot change us;
    we can only provide a safe place
    to grow into ourselves, or not.
    “If accepting ourselves, then we may one day
    be ready to accept others, not to make us happy,
    but to come share in our happiness, and we in theirs.
    “This then is love: creating the conditions for growth,
    and letting it happen as it will.”

    1. Thank you for such a wonderful response.

      It’s interesting your mentioning self acceptance, this is something I have to come to terms with, accepting myself no matter where find myself. It isn’t easy and there are so many negative voices out there. Sometimes my hopes and dreams seem impossible.

      Still, I have to wake up with myself each and every day and I cannot do so as long as there are that about me which I hate. I have let go and seek to see the truth which resides inside of me.

      Again, thank you so much. You have brought a smile to mu lips and a tear to my eye and I am glad to have read your words.



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