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A very thoughtful and well written article.

Alexander Hoofie's blog

The Emergence and Danger of the ‘Acceptable Trans* Narrative’

In the media, it’s either, “haha look at this funny man in a dress!” or “look at this wonderful, successful, white, middle class, passable trans person!” I guess the latter is a start, but I agree with this article in that society needs to start seeing the other trans people out there – the ones who aren’t white, middle class, well-educated; those who don’t have access to the medical treatments they may feel they need. Those who can’t even feel safe in their own neighborhoods because of the hatred and and violence they face. Also, not every trans person aligns perfectly with the gender binary, and the media has no clue how to handle it (think back to Sasha, the teenager who had hir skirt set on fire – some articles did change the male pronouns to gender neutral ones after the…

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