Coffee Break – A Short Story

Gabby looked through the steam rising from her coffee. The liquid so hot it threatened to burn her through the styrofoam.

 Somewhere behind her came a voice thick with disgust,

“Filthy beggars, all they want is money to buy more booze.”

She did’t have to look to see who had spoken, she had heard the same thing or a variation countless times and sometimes they were accurate, she couldn’t deny such a sad truth, yet she saw it as no reason not to be kind when given the chance. She didn’t know someones story. There could be countless reasons why a person found themselves down and out, living on the unforgiving streets and none of them mattered, really. A person in need was a person in need regardless of the cause. 

“Here you go, Miss,” the vendor gave her a gap toothed smile as he handed her a cardboard container with four more steaming drinks.

She returned the smile with a “Thank you” along with a ten and a wave, “Keep the change.”

She crossed the street with the light and headed to the far corner where four  men stood huddled around a steam vent in the sidewalk.

One, his coat two sizes too big and shabby from long use turned as she approached. He was wearing a ‘Bud Lite’ ball cap on top of a overflowing mane of silver hair which fell into his tired grey eyes. His mouth, barely seen through a thick mustache and grizzled beard, curved into a smile as his eyes caught what she was holding.

“Here dad, something to warm you and the boys.”

6 thoughts on “Coffee Break – A Short Story

  1. Awesome story and with such a good message. Better to be kind than to judge especially if you don’t know the story 🙂

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