Questioning dog


No, I am not questioning myself here, more I seeking my place within the TG/TS framework both online and off.

Where I live isn’t a hot bed of activism and social decent. For the most part people here only relate to what they have seen or heard on the news or opinion radio so you can imagine some of the conversations I have overheard. I’m not an eavesdropper but some of these people are like the annoying guy in the restaurant who thinks everyone should listen to his side of the conversation. 

Anyway, the point is, there isn’t a network of people and organizations I can look up to find others like myself or any LGBT folk in general. At least none who I would be comfortable striking up a conversation with. There aren’t any PFLAG offices or other services aimed at the trans community. After doing some research I found there was a short time when such individuals and groups existed locally, but the last traces of them faded out in 2009. 

There was another group nearby, about a half hour drive, but they also have disbanded due to lack of participation. As Jodi pointed out, it’s a good sign when a group disbands because it is no longer needed, but it can problematic for those like myself who are a little late getting to the party.

It has be suggested trying to form a new support group locally. Jodi has mentioned it more than once and I am in full support of her efforts. What I’m not sure of is where I would fit in. I’m not a very good organizer, and pubic speaking, while not impossible, is difficult especially when I’m not familiar with the audience.

I am more than willing to speak to others about my own experiences and to offer what support I can. I’m certainly not an expert, but I can certainly empathize with what others are facing. 

While I feel doing things here, in person is important, indeed, vitally needed, through the internet my reach is much further. As important as sharing my own personal story is, I feel there is so much more I can do…

I’m just not sure what it may be or even how to start moving in the direction I need to in order to make any sort of meaningful impact in the lives of my brothers and sisters.

9 thoughts on “Questioning

  1. Well to be honest I think your worrying too much about the details. A support network doesn’t have be anything more than people exchanging phone numbers so they can contact each other when needed. That would mean a lot to someone who feels alone in the community knowing the person on the other end has a good idea what they are going through and can talk to them in a supportive manner. You could have monthly meetings at a restaurant or some other venue where you can meet face to face and network. Sometime later someone else will come along that can take it to the next level who can do the organizing and get people more involved.

    You can advertise it in the classifieds of the local newspaper, community notices and if you feel comfortable in your blog (although there I would only give out a email address that people can contact you to get more details). Even have a website with information about the group in your area and information about LBGT issues. That is something I would be willing to help you out with since a information only website is easy to setup and doesn’t cost that much and I have plenty of expertise.

    I think its a great idea, but don’t get bog down with the details. Start small and work it up as you feel comfortable with doing. Letting your brothers and sisters in your area know they are not alone will make a big difference 🙂

    1. Your right, it is easy to become overwhelmed. My thoughts were pretty simple for the real life things when I started writing but as often happens, more and more things came to mind.
      My real interest at this point is finding some way to increase my online presence. I look to people like Parker Marie Malloy who has gone from someone like myself, posting about her personal journey to being a voice for Trans issues through her blog and other online publications.
      I don’t know if I can so the same as her, but I would like to at least add my voice to the conversation.

      1. Well maybe we should get together and talk after the Christmas holidays. I have the hosting and tools to build the website along with your ideas we can build something together. I can handle the technical details and you can be the voice. Something I have been playing around with what to do now, but I cannot handle the mechanics of the website and be the persona of the site at the same time. Just too much work. But the two of us together we could make something. 🙂

      2. An interesting idea, and much better than one person trying to work alone. Lets talk again after the first of the year, I would say sooner but my kids are going to be home full time until Jan 5th and with work, I’m afraid I’m going to be rather busy! 🙂

      3. Its a deal 🙂 When your ready you can email me. My email address is on my Gravatar profile. I’m excited about this and look forward to it 🙂

  2. I think you are in a great position to speak. i think your blog has helped get you there! You are a diamond in the rough, a painting in progress….. a play in the writing. You are amazing!

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