16 thoughts on “Dreams of Christmas Past

  1. OMG talk about a trip to Christmas past. I can remember all of them. I had all of them at some point in my childhood. Simon Says was my favorite, trying to recall the sequence of lights in longer chains was a goal of mine. I think I reach 30 lights at a time before my brain shutdown. Funny trolls as a doll before they became the scrooge of the internet 😛

    1. Oh the Clacker were fun… two glass balls tied with string; you gave them a little bounce and they would “Clack!” together.
      What wasn’t on the package was how to use them as weapons, which kids did, or the fact it was possible to get them going hard enough to shatter one or both balls, creating a high speed shower of glass fragments which went in all directions. I actually watched one boy pulverize his and while it was cool to see, we were just lucky to not have our eyes full of glass.

  2. I remember the handmade wooden toys my father made in the basement woodshop. The most poignant memory is two wooden beds my Dad made for my sister’s and my dollies when I was almost 5. Hers was pink, mine was blue.

  3. Oh, clackers! I remember one Christmas when clackers and a Chrissy doll were all I so desperately wanted! Do you remember Chrissy? She had a button for a navel and when you pushed it her hair could be pulled out long…push it again and shove her hair back to the short style. That was a very good childhood Christmas!

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