A Little Pick Me Up

If there is one way to pick yourself up after a down day… or week, it’s to go shopping! Which is what A did or me today. I bought a grey tunic top, black fleece lined leggings (not shown), and some new socks. Not much, but believe me, it really makes a difference 🙂

IMG 0498

I think I have underestimated just where I am on this journey. After my talk with A earlier this week, I thought things would adjust mentally rather quickly, but I was wrong. The entire episode had brought on some depression… some? Well, let us just say it was bad enough to overcome my dysphoria. 

The thing was, until i returned home and changed, I didn’t realize just how bad I was doing. I guess this is what I get for thinking I can just act like nothing has changed when I know darn good and well it has. It is such a difference internally I can’t fully express what it feels like. It’s almost the sensation you get after being on your feet all day and finally getting home and kicking your shoes off. It is such a relief it almost hurts.

It’s strange in a way because I find I can go to work in plain jane mode and it really doesn’t bother me all too much, but just going to the store the same way is almost more than I can take.

On a totally different note; the FIL came through the third surgery without any major issues, but he’s not out of danger yet. In fact, it will be a while before we know he is going to fully recover. All we can do is try to keep his spirits up and pray.

17 thoughts on “A Little Pick Me Up

    1. My therapist warned me I can expect to have up and down times, it’s just the way my brain chemistry works. So this is likely my new “normal.”

  1. You look great in this outfit! And I don’t think I ever mentioned how your hair was a lovely choice also. Do hope all goes well with that FIL.

  2. Not bad, but I believe you could use some pointers about posture! Shoulders back, chest out! Even after two years my housemate/girlfriend has been coaching me and I invested some time with a good chiropractor. I do a lot of walking and constantly watch how women, walk, stand and sit, especially younger women, .With attention to these details they will become second nature in time.

    1. Well, I was leaning against the door and it was the last of about six pics my middle son took. I usually have better posture… Stomach in, chest out, shoulders back. A tells me when I slip up!

  3. You look amazing!
    Okay, as a Designer I want to say I really love this long tunic on you. It’s very flattering with its long line. It sets up your hair wonderfully. I’m seeing new glasses with this outfit. I know I can be OTT, but I’m seeing a dark gentle cat’s eye shape, mid size here!
    Good to hear your FIL is progressing!

    1. Thank you so much!
      I fell in love with the top as soon as I saw it and it feels amazingly soft. As for the glasses, there was another pair I really liked but they were way too expensive, I think almost $400 just for the frames even with instance. Now I amy have champagne taste on a beer pocket book, but even this was too much for me!

      FIL is still in the hospital, he’s going to need a lot of rehab and it all depends on how he continues to respond to treatment. He was within a hairs breath of waiting too long to be seen. As of now he has a 60-70% chance of a full recovery, one more day and it would have been the other way. As I’ve said, he still has a long way to go, but every day improves his odds.

      1. I’m getting excited about other outfits for you! I can’t help it. It’s what I do in life.
        One day you will afford your champagne glasses, and it will wow you.
        I wore contacts for years, but switched to glasses when I realized they worked as an eye make-up of sorts.
        Rooting for your FIL!

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