News For January 14th.

California: School board leader wants charges dropped against transgender teen 

The president of the West Contra Costa Unified School District’s board said he wants prosecutors to drop the criminal charge against an allegedly bullied transgender teen involved in a fight at Hercules High School.

Source: CBS San Francisco


Texas: Couple dead in murder-suicide in San Antonio 

  Two men were found dead in a North Side home Saturday in what police are investigating as a murder-suicide.

“They were a really nice couple,” said a woman who lives across the street. “They had just moved here from the Valley.”



Virginia: Democrats pledge push for gay-friendly laws 

Democratic lawmakers have pledged to try and make gay marriage legal in Virginia.

The legislators, speaking Monday at a news conference, say they also plan to push a slew of bills during the 2014 legislative session to make the commonwealth friendlier to gays.

Source: Associated Press


Indiana: House panel postpones vote on gay marriage ban amendment  

People on both sides of the debate over Indiana’s proposed same sex marriage ban amendment spoke passionately for hours in front of a packed House chamber today.



New Jersey: Gov. Christie vetoes transgender rights bill 

The embattled New Jersey governor signed 12 bills into law on Monday, and vetoed 10 others–including a bill that would allow transgender individuals to amend their birth certificates.

“Unlike many other states, New Jersey already has an administrative process in place to streamline applications to amend birth certificates for gender purposes without court order,” Christie said in a veto statement. “Under the proposal before me, however, the sponsors seek to alter the amended birth certificate application process without maintaining appropriate safeguards. Consequently, further consideration is necessary to determine whether to make such significant changes to State law concerning the issuance of vital records.”

Source: MSNBC

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