Today :P

Well, Ive had better days than today…


Two sick kids, a pounding headache, and getting my fingers caught in a door pretty much sum thing up.

Thankfully, the kids are doing better than yesterday, mostly bad coughs and drainage. My headache is mostly due to sinus pressure and my fingers, while very sore are just bruised and not broken. 

So even though there have been times when I just wanted to crawl back into bed and pet end today didn’t happen, I can see how things could have been worse and I should count my blessings… which I am doing!

I’m not sure if I will post anything later or not, even this little bit of typing makes my fingers sting, but I will have more to write about later in the day, (Saturday).

So I hope everyone is safe and sound at home, keeping warm or cool as required, and that you all have a wonderful evening.



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