Today’s News Stories

Comic legend Sid Caesar dies at 91

Comic showman Sid Caesar, a pioneer of American television sketch comedy as the star and creative force of “Your Show of Shows” during the 1950s, died on Wednesday at age 91, according to his friend and former collaborator Carl Reiner.

Source: Reuters


Trans Comic Avery Edison Flying Home to U.K. Thursday

After thousands of tweets using the #FreeAvery hashtag, trans detainee Avery Edison was transferred out of an all-male correctional facility, to one with a female population. On Wednesday afternoon, her partner announced that Edison would be returned to the United Kingdom on Thursday.

Source: The Advocate


Gender Identity Is Not What’s on the Outside

America’s story to become “a more perfect union” is a struggle for rights and acceptance for groups that are outside the norm of white, Anglo-Saxon men. These include, women, African Americans, wounded veterans, the physically handicapped, the mentally challenged, and gays and lesbians. Each of these groups have made progress and become more integrated into society. Their emergence always started with stories that make others see them as people.

Source: Huffington Post

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