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I thought I would share some of the products I use. I understand many people are using Microsoft Windows in which case, none of this is going to be very interesting but if you use or are thinking of using an Apple computer, then some of this might be useful.

I’m not a specialist or professional in any sense of the word, but I have been using computers and the internet long enough to know what products and services work best for the things I use electronic devices for. 

I’m also not paid to test, review, or recommend any hardware or software. Again, I just know what works for me. Having said all of this, I did want to share those things I use on an almost daily basis. Would it be nice to be paid for this sort of thing? Well of course but I don’t see it happening anytime soon!


Retina macbook pro toshiba kirabook

MacBook Pro (w/ Retina display)

Last year I took part of my income tax return and made the jump from desktop to laptop and I have no intention of ever going back. I can’t point to any one thing I like more than another with this computer, the overall package is a joy to work with.


OS X Mavericks Icon 1024x1024

Mac OS X (Mavericks)

The latest version of Apple’s operating system which either comes preinstalled on new Macs or is available as a free download via the App Store.

I’ve used MS Windows 8 and Linux and both have their good points and bad points, but I prefer Apple’s OS above and beyond the competition. As you might guess, such things tend to rather personal in nature, so if you have different preferences, then great. I say to always use what works best for you. 


Itunes icon 580 100017772 medium

iTunes 12

There is a lot of discussion around iTunes, both pro and con. As with any software, using it is a personal decision. There are a number of excellent alternatives available. For me, it works well enough and does what I need it to do.


Google Chrome

Google Chrome

I’ve used more browsers over the years than I can count. Google Chrome works well and uses less memory than either Firefox or Safari, especially when I have a lot of tabs open.



Iphoto 9 Icon

iPhoto 9

This is a simple but powerful imaging software available for free on new Macs or through the App Store. It isn’t profession grade, but for the average user, it is more than enough to keep your photos organized.

If you need a more powerful solution for photo editing, I suggest looking at  Aperture, Apple’s professional editing software.


Marsedit Icon


I broke down and forked over the $40 for this app because it has proven to be the best solution for me. I tried a number of “free” alternatives, but none of them came close to the ease of use you get with Marsedit. Sometimes it’s simply worth spending the money.


Scrivener icon


Much as with Marsedit, this is simply the best all around solution for all sorts of writers, from novelists, to screen writers, to poets. I was fortunate for by this for half price but I would pay full price if I had to and never regret the decision.

5 thoughts on “Computer Life

  1. I switched to Mac when the latest Windows ‘upgrade’ crashed my Toshiba laptop one time too many. I had a laptop then a desktop; the laptop still works but is only a 13.1″ screen so too small for my photography with these old eyes. My desktop monitor is 21″ and perfect. I use iTunes for music and my iPod. I splurged for Aperture for editing my pictures, but even that was a steal at way under $100 from the App Store. I don’t have an iPhone, because my Samsung Galaxy runs rings around iPhone I think. And my table is a Kindle Fire, not an iPad. And Scrivener is fantastic! I still haven’t figured out all its capabilities.

    1. I keep going back and watching the tutorials for Scrivener and I still forget things it can do.

      I do have an iPhone, mostly because I have so much money tied up in Apps, but that’s what they want right?

      No tablet yet other than one of the kids has a Nabi…

      This laptop is a 13.1″ which works for now but I can see moving up to the 15″ model at some point.

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