A First Time For Everything

Another post? Yes… 🙂


As it happens, A wanted me to post about our latest adventure… coloring her hair. How did it turn out? Well, I’m not going to beauticians school anytime soon to begin a new career!

Having said as much, it actually turned out pretty well, especially for my first time. I certainly learned a lot and know some things not to do, but more to the point, I have some confidence I could do it again and not botch it.

As a note, her hair is naturally dark brown and she wanted to change it to black…

Here are two photos:


Hair Color 1


Hair Color 2

Gender Reassignment

From the Illinois Department of Public Health:

Gender Reassignment

An individual born in Illinois, with an existing Illinois birth record, may submit an application to the Department requesting to have the gender changed on his or her own birth record after undergoing an operation(s) having the effect of reflecting, enhancing, changing, reassigning or otherwise affecting gender. Genital reconstructive surgery is not required to obtain a change in the sex designation on an existing Illinois birth certificate. (emphasis mine.)

Every individual must complete the “Affidavit for a New Birth Certificate After Completion of Gender Reassignment”. The applicant must be of legal age or the parent/co-parent or guardian if not of legal age. This form must be completed in its entirety and notarized.

For individuals who have had an operation(s) in the United States, the “Affidavit by Physician After Completion of Gender Reassignment” must be completed by the physician who performed the operation(s). This form must be completed in its entirety and notarized.

For individuals who have had an operation(s) outside of the United States, the “Affidavit by Physician Verifying Completion of Gender Reassignment Operation” must be completed by an examining physician duly licensed to practice medicine in Illinois or any other state in the United States. This form can also be used if the physician who performed the operation is no longer practicing, is unavailable or his/her license has been revoked or expired. This form must be completed in its entirety and notarized.

For individuals seeking to also have their name changed, a certified copy of the Court Order of Legal Name Change must also be submitted to this office.

The $15 fee to create a new birth record due to gender reassignment includes one certified copy of the new birth record. Additional copies of the same record requested at the same time are $2 each. Please make check or money order payable to the “Illinois Department of Public Health” and send everything to:

Illinois Department of Public Health Division of Vital Records 925 East Ridgely Ave. Springfield, IL 62702-2737  

Please include a copy of your non-expired, government issued photo identification card. If not provided, unreadable or expired, the request will be returned to the individual.

(I need to check, but it seems if I get breast implants, it should be enough to meet the requirements.)


A name change is another matter and I will post more information when I’ve researched it more. It does seem the process is the same for everyone, even if you choose a name opposite of your current gender markers.


Another issue is going to be insurance. We go through A’s workplace for our health insurance and I wasn’t even thinking what might happen if I change my birth certificate. She will need to see what if anything might change. Of course our marriage would remain valid even if IL hadn’t approved same sex marriage because we were opposite genders at the time of our marriage. Still, it’s good to know it is no longer an issue.

FIL Updated

Its been a long day…


Regarding my Father-In-Law.

We are awaiting an official diagnosis, but the doctor is fairly confident he has stage IV lung cancer. At this point it isn’t in the brain but it has spread to the bones, including the spine, and also the adrenal gland. He has started to receive some treatment to slow down the progression, but we all know where this story ends, so it’s a matter of when, not if.

Understandably this has been difficult for the family, especially my Mother-in-law. A is dealing with it as best she can; as she said, there has been enough death in the extended family she kind of knows how to handle things… still, this is her father so I know its been difficult to say the least.

I feel I need to share a little bit from my viewpoint… You see, this is one time when not being close to family members is as much a blessing as a curse. When my mother died, also of lung cancer, it didn’t hit me in the same way as it would had we been closer. It’s true I took some other deaths harder, namely my Grandmother, but it has been long enough now the pain is little more than a distant memory. In some ways I feel as if I am missing something after watching those around me dealing with this sort of pain when I cannot relate to it on the same level. 

So this is where things stand at the moment. I’ll share any additional information as I get it.

Conservative group considers petition drive on Md. transgender protections legislation – The Washington Post

Conservative group considers petition drive on Md. transgender protections legislation – The Washington Post: “”

(Via. The Washington Post)

One Of Those Weeks

This has been, and continues to be, a stressful week. 

My Father-in-Law was readmitted to the hospital with sever pain. Now the family is waiting to get a diagnosis which doesn’t look to be good. I’m not going to give any specifics until we have an official diagnosis and I have their permission to share such information.

I hope you don’t mind if I ask for your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. Anything your comfortable with is greatly appreciated. 




DOJ Trains Cops to Work With Transgender People – ABC News

The Justice Department launched a program Thursday to train local police departments to better respond to transgender individuals, a population authorities say is disproportionately harmed by violence.

DOJ Trains Cops to Work With Transgender People – ABC News: “”

(Via. ABC News)