Coming Into Her Own

There are times when it seems as though a lifetime has passed since I started blogging and others when it seems like yesterday I clicked “Publish” on my first post. Yet I cannot deny where I am today is indeed a lifetime away from where I began.

In those first crazy days, my mind was screaming at me non stop and I had to write just to get everything I could out of my head before I went insane. Now, it is a matter of quiet contemplation, questioning, and searching before I try to write something personal. This is in part to the medication I take, but also how much I become comfortable with myself through therapy and acceptance.

In the beginning I never could have thought there would come a day when I was afraid of not having something to post simply because there was little or nothing to share. After all, this would get pretty boring if all I talked about was doing laundry and what I was thinking of fixing for dinner. I can understand now how some people fade into the past as they post less and less, choosing instead to simple live their lives. 

When we speak of going “stealth”, isn’t this what we mean? When the life we live becomes so natural, so normal we don’t even think about it any more than we think of breathing.

I’ll admit I’m not ready to fade away anytime soon. I have found my voice and even if I sometime struggle to find something to say, I still want to be part of the conversation. It isn’t easy when I can close my eyes and find the silent place inside where I can catch my breath. Not every moment is a crisis, not every action an exercise in self destruction. 

Now it is more a matter of beginning to clean house. Of straightening up after the chaos, of discovering what I wish to salvage and what to throw away. Of finding the joy of finding new things to replace the old…

It is to the old I wish to speak today. 

I find myself asking why I hold on the negative things in my life, things which happened a lifetime ago. Which have little or no bearing on today. Why is it I can remember a slight from thirty years ago?

What purpose does this serve? Does it help me in some way or is it just a weight holding a part of me in a past which cannot be changed and needs to be let go?

None of these things teach me anything new about myself other than there is within me the ability to hold a grudge for far too long. They cannot bring me peace or happiness. 

So they really serve no good purpose at all, do they?

The question is, how do I learn to let go. 

The past is the past and has no place here. 

Well, I can use all the self motivational mumbo jumbo I want, it just doesn’t change things does it? I need to find a way to deal with this. A method for putting things to rest.

Of course, it is easier said than done.

This is something I am going to talk to Jodi about. 

It is something I want to do. Need to do.

It’s interesting to see how I am not who I was… really, I’m not sure I can say I was anyone at all… I look back and so much is misty and indistinct. One day blurring into another until it becomes a grey smear in my memory… Except for those bright, stinging points of memory which come back to me at the strangest of times.

I remember those lessons from English class, to write a paper describing yourself, or writing you eulogy. 

I understand now why I hated them so much. Looking back, I cannot describe who I was. What I had accomplished in my life which was worthy of note. 

I was less than a ghost. I was a void moving through the world, unable to truly touch those around me or to be touched.

So who was I?

I don’t know.

So now I have a second chance.

A chance to live.

A chance to be real.

To be a part of the world around me.

To make new memories.

So… there is only so much room inside this thick skull of mine and I need to clear out the old to make room for the new. To leave behind those things which serve no purpose. The memories, regrets, and grudges which belong to someone else… someone who wore my face but never held my heart.

11 thoughts on “Coming Into Her Own

  1. I think the trick is to replace every negative with a positive, and to do that, you need an arsenal of positives at your disposal. For example, I remember things my mother did or said to me when I was a child; things that ate away at me for years. Now, when I think about those things and actions, I tell myself I am a beautiful soul with a lot to give the world, and that I am worth something, etc. It takes practice to replace negative memories,and I don’t think those memories ever completely go away, but we can lessen the hold they have over us.

    Just my 2c

  2. Please don’t fade away — perhaps as your life transitions, your blog can, too. This is my very nicest (and selfish) way of begging for more of your short stories. Especially Bella’s. Pretty please?

    1. Oh, I couldn’t disappear, there are too many wonderful people, like you to keep me coming back. 🙂

      As for our dear Bella, I wait for her to whisper in my ear so I can share with you. She isn’t someone to be forced, it just brings out her stubborn streak!

  3. Really great entry – love your description of past memories and how they blur, grey smears – it hits home for me in a lot of ways, thanks for such a thought-provoking reflection. On another, separate note – I keep a fortune cookie paper around me, and I’ve managed to hold onto it for years no – “The thing in us we fear just wants our love.” The words made my heart thump with renewed beats of how to make each day get better – love ourselves more, wholly, faults and all, to move forward and see ourselves and others clearer in the future. Life always keeps on coming! 🙂 Best, Christine

  4. Letting go of things is a process, we all hold onto to something we don’t need. I am still working on it too girl. I recently did a very good “Inner Child” meditation that had a lot of helpful relevant concepts, that really helps that process.

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