Bella 3 (Continued)

There was nothing, just the glimmering static of eyes focused on nothing, the faintest of light. A spark so easily missed if you weren’t expecting it. Expect it she did, more, she insisted. Every thought a call which would not be denied.


From within the darkness filling the space before her, which, in some way stretched far beyond; there came an answer. A whirling dervish of thought and sound. A surging call of recognition, welcome, and happiness which was enough to take her breath away. 

It was a single mote, a tiny piece of crystalline perfection, dancing in the air before her. She couldn’t help but smile at the querying note it sang, tinged as it was with playful accusation. 

“No, dear one, I never forgot about you; I promise.” Bella held out her hand and allowed the tiny creature to tickle the skin of her palm. “How could think so little of me?” She asked in feigned distress, her lips curving upward with each word.

Her answer was a scolding tone which spoke of a lifetime lost to misery and loneliness.

“Really? It has been but a few short months!” Her laughter was light and teasing, filling the air with bell like tinkles of crystal and glass wind chimes on a frosty December morning. The mote seemed to give a sniff of distain and wounded pride.

Relenting, Bella softened her tone and spoke her words honestly. “If I could, I would have you with me all the year long, yet such cannot be. Even this visit is but a brief respite until the world turns once more.”

2 thoughts on “Bella 3 (Continued)

  1. I clicked “like” this morning because I so appreciate a little more Bella, but I saved reading it until this evening. It gave me a treat to look forward to all day, and you never disappoint. Now I’m wondering…what’s the spark? A little saved piece of her childhood? Of her mother? Part of her true world? I’ll keep wondering and hoping for more. Thank you!

    1. I was hoping you would like a double episode. 🙂
      As for what the “spark” is… you’ll just have to wait and find out with everyone else! 😉

      Also, I have a 17 song playlist I listen to when writing anything Bella… I also posted a music video of the first song in the list. Unfortunately, a number of the other songs don’t have corresponding videos, but I plan to list them all soon, with links if possible.

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