I’ve been thinking about what I should write about today and I realized part of me looks forward to the day when I am just another blogger who write about food or fashion, home decor or daily news stories and no one remembers me as a woman who is Transgender…


I’m not sure if it is a word which describes me accurately or not. Should I just refer to myself in terms of being Transsexual? After all, Transgender is a umbrella term which covers such a broad spectrum of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, most of which have little or nothing to do with me at all. 

It’s interesting to realize this journey began with a quest for a term which described who and what I am and here I am again asking the same question from a different perspective. 

I have found this to be true of many of the things I sought to understand about myself. Time and again I find the same questions returning, each at a different level than before. Seeking a deeper meaning, a more complete picture of myself. Nothing can be taken for granted. Nothing is a given. There is so much abut myself which I never questioned to this degree before and ever twist and turn opens new avenues of thought.

If we live as long as we ask questions and seek answers, then I am more alive today than I have ever been.

2 thoughts on “Then

    1. Well, gender and sex are two different things. Trans people can be any sexual orientation, just like non trans people.
      I agree, being trans is just one aspect of who I am, it is not all I am nor does it alone define me. It is, though, one of many labels which can be used to describe me to a point, I guess what I’m unsure of is just how much it does so compared to “transsexual”, which seems to be the end of the gender spectrum where I currently find myself.
      You could say it is more specific in its definition and describes be better, though as with all things, it is just one part of who I am, not all of me. 🙂

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