FIL Updated

Its been a long day…


Regarding my Father-In-Law.

We are awaiting an official diagnosis, but the doctor is fairly confident he has stage IV lung cancer. At this point it isn’t in the brain but it has spread to the bones, including the spine, and also the adrenal gland. He has started to receive some treatment to slow down the progression, but we all know where this story ends, so it’s a matter of when, not if.

Understandably this has been difficult for the family, especially my Mother-in-law. A is dealing with it as best she can; as she said, there has been enough death in the extended family she kind of knows how to handle things… still, this is her father so I know its been difficult to say the least.

I feel I need to share a little bit from my viewpoint… You see, this is one time when not being close to family members is as much a blessing as a curse. When my mother died, also of lung cancer, it didn’t hit me in the same way as it would had we been closer. It’s true I took some other deaths harder, namely my Grandmother, but it has been long enough now the pain is little more than a distant memory. In some ways I feel as if I am missing something after watching those around me dealing with this sort of pain when I cannot relate to it on the same level. 

So this is where things stand at the moment. I’ll share any additional information as I get it.

10 thoughts on “FIL Updated

  1. I am so sorry, Kira. Lung cancer is hardly ever diagnosed early, and the survival rate is abysmal. But there are people beating the odds. And I believe in where there’s life, there’s hope. I will keep your family in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Very honest. Everyone’s experience is different. Doubtful you’re alone in your sentiments. I’ve been with people reacting like yours and otherwise. I so appreciate your integrity and how you say it like it is. Sorry for your wife and mother-in-law’s loss.

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