Winter Is The Heaviest Season (Poetry)

Winter Is The Heaviest Season

By Kira A. Moore



Silence thrums,


Breathless air.


Grey white,

White grey,

Weight beyond measure.


Sighs heard,

Then lost,




Breast Cancer Survivors Face High Unemployment, Says Study

Another obstacle to be overcome.


Breast cancer survivors face another major obstacle even after overcoming the disease, according to a new study: finding work.

According to a study published online in the journal Cancer, 30% of women who had jobs at the time of their diagnosis found themselves unemployed four years later. Those who underwent chemotherapy were 1.4 times more likely to be unemployed.

Half of the women said they still wanted to work, and 39% said they were seeking jobs. The study, conducted by the University of Michigan Health System, surveyed 2290 women shortly after they were diagnosed with non-metastatic breast cancer. A total of 1536 of them filled out the follow-up questionnaire four years later.

The researchers who conducted the study urged patients to understand the long-term costs of chemotherapy—such as cognitive issues that can affect job performance—and to avoid the treatment if the potential benefits were low. “Many clinicians believe that…

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