2 thoughts on “Jane Doe, Trans Women, and the Myth of the Perfect Victim

  1. This is what I commented in response to this article.

    I am transgender, a trans advocate and a feminist and while I appreciate the author’s candor, I think her sense of moral indignation and public outcry more than a bit overwrought and self-aggrandizing because it allows her to “pillory”, as she put it, those people who I believe were acting in good faith in the public interest while she is not taking responsibility for her own feelings that have brought on this provocative diatribe against the powers that be. While I am not saying that what these public servants did or didn’t do was or wasn’t justifiable, what I am saying is that even these public servants deserve the same rights to due process that they “allegedly” denied their charges which is guaranteed by the Constitution and Bill of rights to everyone, not just to “victims” of misguided conduct by well meaning public servants charged with protecting the public interest-at -large. All she has done is act as both judge and jury and taint what should have been an open conversation between opposing points of view which is the very meaning of the rule of law, instead of the rule of the mob.

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