Jerrico (Short Story)

There was something about this world which put his teeth on edge. Every time he came here it was different. Sometime cold, another hot and everywhere in between. Just thinking about it made his stomach hurt; these things the locals called “seasons.” 


There was more of course, the air was wrong. A dirty, stinging thing which left his throat raw and his lungs burning for days. The sunlight was too harsh, a nasty yellow-white which burned the eyes, forcing him to wear protective covers of tinted glass and the water? It tasted of metal on his tongue. Never mind what passed for food here, he had made the mistake of trying it once and thought he was going to die as a result. Now he brought his own supplies, even though it was troublesome.


A indelicate sound escaped his throat as he thought back on the scouts report which had made this sound a virtual paradise. He had seriously questioned the man’s senses upon his return. How could anyone with eyes, nose, and tongue ever think of this as anything approaching paradise?


The portal was located in a wooded area not far from a human town. This wasn’t typical procedure, not by a long way but there had been little alternative since much of the surrounding countryside had been cleared for farming and raising livestock. He shook his head, as many disturbing things as there were about this world, the worst had to be the first time he found himself staring across miles of cleared land. It looked like a sea of mud which stretched as far as his eyes could see, broken only here and there by small stands of trees an brush. Little islands of green sinking into brown. The effect had been immediate and disastrous. Everything swung and tilted until he found himself face down on the ground. 


Of course he had never heard of agoraphobia or vertigo. It would take meeting her before such things made sense.

2 thoughts on “Jerrico (Short Story)

  1. Hooray, your muse returned! In all seriousness, Kira, you might want to entertain the possibility that you’ve got a whole novel bubbling up. These stories have such amazing possibilities!

    1. I have entertained the idea, but for now I find it easier to work in these smaller pieces. At some point I might stitch them all together, only time will tell.

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