Yes, I know. I have already posted twice for today but sometimes… Sometimes there is a weight on the soul, an unspoken need to say something, anything in those quiet moments when there is no one to listen or understand.

I had a feeling come over me tonight. It was one with which I am familiar. It is the weight of the night, when even the air seems to push against the skin in an almost comforting way. I have had this feeling many times before, surrounded by silence and solitude. They have happened at different times, most often at night when the darkness creates a roof over the world, when it seems there is an end to everything and your standing just there…

I have felt it when I would spend hours alone, simply riding by bike. There was no destination, no plans, no understanding. Just movement.

I felt it sitting at the skating rink, watching couples moving through the dim light, a love song playing though no one seemed to be listening.

When sitting under the shade of a tree, hidden by shadow. When I watched the world moving and I was unnoticed.

In the depth of the night, while the world slept and I imagined I was the last person on earth…

There is a sadness here, a lingering echo of loneliness. Yet I could stay here forever.

Have you tried to imagine eternity? An endless nothing. No thought. No feeling, just the cold passage of one breath after another…

4 thoughts on “Tonight

  1. Hey there, that was a beautiful post! Eternity and infinity I think are things that can only be known in themselves. We don’t have eternity and infinity, we only have memories, dreams of the future, and most importantly now. I know those feelings you are talking about, ingest some love into yourself and it will nourish you, and if not, here is a lovely quote – “Deal with loneliness now, so that you can deal with love later.” Rock on, ok?!

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