Facebook transgender suicide post: Hoax? Looks that way

Alright, I’ll admit to being a sucker if it turns out the “Kate von Roeder” story was a hoax.

I found this new story via. Lexiecannes.com

It seems, after some digging, the entire story might be a hoax. Lexie posted: 

LEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — On Oct. 1st, trans woman Kate von Roeder posted this on Facebook: “Goodbye, I’m killing myself.” She also tweeted something similiar on Twitter. And hasn’t been heard from since. Her earlier posts talked of buying a gun.
Kate’s friends replied urging her to reconsider, however the last several posts ended with “We just got off the phone with WeHo PD. She’s gone.” and “Kate followed through according to the LAPD. I am very sorry.“

She then goes on to explain why she is suspicious of this story and I have to agree, it doesn’t look as if the events took place as claimed. I have to say, I do hope this was a hoax. It may have been in bad taste, it might have been done for malicious reasons; I don’t care if it means this person, if they exist, is still alive out there somewhere. Maybe more important, it the awareness something like this brings to the issue of suicide and depression. Right or wrong, real or fake, it gets a conversation started.

So I might be a sucker or even a “shoddy blogger” but if it made you stop and think, then so be it.

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