I am who I am today because of who I am… and who my Mother was and who my Father was and all of rest of my family. Because of who my classmates were and the people who taught us…

All of us broken.

I don’t know their stories, nor they mine, yet we all have played a role in countless plays. Some forgotten, some not, and they all left an impression.

A shadow on the stage.

I could not be myself without them, nor they without me. A culmination of seconds slipping away, leaving behind the residue of memory.

There is anger here. And resentment.

There is also joy. 

Yet more than all, is a sadness for what has slipped away unnoticed, forgotten in the hurry of going from here to there. For the simple understanding of each being human, frail and imperfect. An unexpected jumble of possibility and happenstance.

We did not choose how we were brought into this world or by whom, but we do choose how we live this life we have been given.

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