Beginning a discussion

If the death of Leelah Acorn has accomplished one thing it has to been to bring to the forefront an ongoing debate between secular society and Christianity. Unfortunately this has followed a path of blame and defense with people lining up on one side or the other to condemn or commend her parents for the way in which they dealt with the situation at hand, namely in Leelah’s coming out as a transgender female. 

There were a series of decisions made which lead to the needless death of a human being. Decisions by her parents and ultimately by Leelah herself. They say hindsight is 20/20 and from the position of outsiders we have found plenty to consider and condemn. Sadly we will never fully understand what happened here, there are simply too many things we do not know. The one thing which is clear is we have all suffered a loss because Leelah is no longer here to speak for herself.

Yet it is by her very silence that she most loudly proclaims the need for discussion and ultimately, understanding if anything is ever going to change.

The question being, do we truly desire change?


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