‘We as a society have failed’ Leelah Alcorn and other LGBT youths, gay Cincinnati City Councilman tells assembly | Gay Star News

I wish there were more people like this man.

Jeri’s Reflections From The City Different - Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

I am pleased that more people are speaking up about how we have fallen short of our goal of making it better for LGBTQ youth. We need to do more and the comments by Cincinnati City Councilman Chris Seelbach are a good starting point. Here’s the story from SYLVIA TAN writing for Gay Star News..

Chris Seelbach read the transgender 17-year-old’s suicide note and delivered an emotional speech offering encouragement to LGBTI individuals


Cincinnati City Councilman Chris Seelbach, who is the city’s first openly gay councilman, gave an emotional nine-minute speech about society’s poor treatment of LGBTI youths and in particular Leelah Alcorn’s suicide on Wednesday at the closing of council’s first meeting of 2015.

He read the transgender 17-year-old’s suicide note which was posted on a social media site and which has since been deleted, and offered words of encouragement to LGBTI individuals.

He also addressed some of…

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