Common Sense Transgender Transition

I have to start planning from some point and I thought the best way to begin was through finding what advice is available online. I’m starting with Laura’s Playground which has proven to be of great help to me in the past.


Common Sense Transgender Transition:

“In the transgender world there are two types of transition for (MTF) Male to female. The first kind is a transsexual transition which culminates in GRS or gender reassignment surgery, health permitting under Wpath rules. It is done out of medical necessity. The second kind is a Transgenderist Transition Which may also include Facial feminization surgery and hormones but not GRS. Some in the transgenderist community self-identify with autogynaphillia while transsexuals do not. Some consider this fetishistic. The main problem is that sometimes name calling cruelty cause some to convince themselves they are transsexual obtaining GRS that they aren’t qualified for. From data here the suicide rate for transsexuals decrease dramatically after GRS while the rate for transgenderists getting the same surgery goes up. For many transgenderists who feel they have no choice just living the role can provide sufficient relief. Do realize that the effects of hormones such as breast growth and GRS cannot be completely reversed to their former levels of functionality. If you are unsure about GRS don’t consider it. There are no magic wands to change you back.”

(Via. lauras-playground)

5 thoughts on “Common Sense Transgender Transition

  1. Transition is never an all or nothing choice. The goal is always to alleviate dysphoria, whatever that takes. For someone like myself who has come close to self-harm and mutilation before, GRS is usually highly recommended. For others, it depends on their circumstances.

    I know one very successful professional transwoman now in her 70s who had an orchiectomy (to remove the testosterone problem) but continued in her original sexual relations with her wife. Both are quite happy with their specific arrangement.

    Do what you need to do and no more, Kira. Transition is a term that generally means moving into and living in the opposite gender role in society. Period. What other medical and cosmetic procedures you personally need to feel comfortable in that role are yours and yours alone to choose.

    1. I’m not pushing to “go all the way” with transitioning, at this point I feel HRT is a necessary step. I also think going “full time” is necessary; trying to maintain a life with ‘him’ in it is more than I can stand. As to any surgery; I’m not sure about it and as long as I have doubts, then it is off the table. Besides, odds are the cost will be prohibitive to say the least and so I think it pointless to worry about it.

  2. Costs are currently high, this is true. But this may change in the next few years as more and more insurers begin to cover this and as more and more states mandate that it must be covered. Since you’re unsure now, don’t! You can always choose that option later, particularly if insurance coverage becomes available.

    I know many transwomen who have not done any surgery at all (neither FFS nor GCS) and who are completely fine in their lives. Never ever feel pressured into anything that does not work for you. The goal is always addressing your own gender dysphoria and finding a way to let you live with that.

    Good luck! Much of this is a journey of discovery, not just about ourselves, but of what options we have open to ourselves as well. 🙂

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