Transforming Gender – Doc Zone

Transforming Gender – Doc Zone:

“The battle over the rights and freedoms of transgender individuals is the first great civil rights struggle of the 21st century. In the last five years, mainstream culture has woken up to the vivid presence of transgender people in their midst. From a generation of gender variant children and pop culture celebrities, to transitioning superstar athletes and soldiers, trans people have never been more visible.

Behind the headlines though, a darker picture emerges. Transgender people are among the most persecuted, least protected people in our society. Many transgender people live in fear of being evicted from their homes, being fired from their jobs, and being denied medical treatment. A 2011 survey of 6,000 transgender individuals found that more than half reported experiencing harassment in public accommodations, including bathrooms, restaurants, and hotels. More than one in three transgender people attempt suicide at some point in their lives. Violence is a constant threat, especially against transgender women.”

America’s Deadly Trans Backlash – The Daily Beast

America’s Deadly Trans Backlash – The Daily Beast:

“For years, some mainstream gay activists said to the transgender community, “Just wait—first we’ll get our rights, and then you’ll get yours.”

As offensive and patronizing as that was, what has come to pass is far worse.  The anti-LGBT backlash is here, and transgender populations are suffering the most—even though they hadn’t won that many legal victories in the first place. They’re getting the backlash before winning anything to lash back against.

Let’s start with the worst. Five transgender women of color have already been murdered in 2015, and just last weekend, a (white) transgender woman was stabbed to death by her own father.”

(Via.The Daily Beast)

Study shows longterm hormone treatment (HRT) for transgender people is safe | Planet Transgender

Study shows longterm hormone treatment (HRT) for transgender people is safe | Planet Transgender:

“Years ago when many of use began HRT we didn’t know what the long term effects might have been. Many of us were faced with an ignorant and biased medical profession, who also didn’t know.

Many of those doctors knew how difficult it was to find anyone who would prescribe HRT. These predatory doctors would charge outrageous office fees leaving many of us with no option but to self-medicate.

Not to mention the ‘gatekeeper’ therapist who would lead on clients for months, even years, with a vague notion that someday they might fit neatly into their concept of man or woman to deserve the ‘HRT letter’ to present to a prescribing doctor, if one could be found. All the while those therapists would rake in the dough from hopeful cash-strapped transgender victims.”

(Via.Planet Transgender)

Challenging the criminalisation of LGBT people | 76 CRIMES

Challenging the criminalisation of LGBT people | 76 CRIMES:

“This is a Policy Brief, issued by the International HIV/AIDS Alliance, reprinted here with permission, with some reformatting.  The Alliance is one among many advocacy organisations that are challenging the criminalisation of LGBT persons.:”


Not Alone

I know this is a late compared to when I usually post; I was away from my computer and decided to wait until I could write something which wasn’t rushed.

This evening I had the chance to meet members of a local support group. For the time being I am not going talk about the people other than in a general way because I know some of them wish to remain anonymous. The meeting was small, just a meet and greet but it was so nice to be able to sit down with someone who “get’s it.”  Everyone was polite and the conversation was easy. It was an amazing feeling to hear so many of my own thoughts being expressed by those I had just met. For me, it created a feeling of understanding and acceptance which can only come from a shared experience.

 I am looking forward to being able to meet again soon. Just knowing people exist has taken a weight off of my heart and mind. 

It’s funny, in a way. For so long I had looked for just such a group and here they were right under my nose. I can only think I didn’t find them until I was ready, even if I didn’t understand until now.

After Seeing These 18 Photos You Will Question Your Entire Existence! |Higher Perspective

After Seeing These 18 Photos You Will Question Your Entire Existence! |Higher Perspective:

“The human species is utterly amazing, but it also has a common tendency to deem itself superior over everything else. Check out these pictures and challenge your perspective.

We suggest everyone take a good, long look at these photos compiled by Diply and really compare your existence to the proportion of the majesty which exists throughout the rest of the universe.”