Not Alone

I know this is a late compared to when I usually post; I was away from my computer and decided to wait until I could write something which wasn’t rushed.

This evening I had the chance to meet members of a local support group. For the time being I am not going talk about the people other than in a general way because I know some of them wish to remain anonymous. The meeting was small, just a meet and greet but it was so nice to be able to sit down with someone who “get’s it.”  Everyone was polite and the conversation was easy. It was an amazing feeling to hear so many of my own thoughts being expressed by those I had just met. For me, it created a feeling of understanding and acceptance which can only come from a shared experience.

 I am looking forward to being able to meet again soon. Just knowing people exist has taken a weight off of my heart and mind. 

It’s funny, in a way. For so long I had looked for just such a group and here they were right under my nose. I can only think I didn’t find them until I was ready, even if I didn’t understand until now.

8 thoughts on “Not Alone

  1. Thanks! I have the opportunity to meet with a trans support group here in Santa Fe. I will either attended this Wednesday or in two weeks. This gives me encouragement as I’ve been quite anxious about my next steps.

  2. I’ve read that one of the two most common problems with trans individuals in even understanding themselves is their initial belief that they are “alone” and therefore they develop this feeling that something is wrong with themselves. The other problem, which now appears to be going away, was for a long time most of us lacked the language to even discuss ourselves clearly with others. There is now growing transparency about transgender people, the medical causes behind it, and the language used to describe it.

    So finding others like ourselves, experiencing the same difficulties and struggles, can be a huge relief. We’re really not alone! That experience reinforces, at a primal level, not at the conscious level, that we’re not “wrong” just different.

    Congratulations on finding this support group, Kira! I hope it helps you immensely!

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