About Transparenthood | Transparenthood

About Transparenthood | Transparenthood:

“Transparenthood™ was a long time in coming, something I have wanted to do since we began our search for answers back in 2004 and found very little good information about transgender children (or gender variant children, which is the more common name used by the medical community).    What I uncovered back then terrified me and proved less than accurate to be kind, or flat out wrong if I were to be completely candid.  It was at that point that I knew I needed to capture what we have learned to make things easier for others someday.  Fast forward seven years, throw in an unexpected retirement from a 21-year corporate career and the accumulation of what already feels like a lifetime of experiences, and the time was finally right for me to share our story.

I am the mom of a transgender child.  Put in the most simple of terms Sam’s mind and biology do not match.  Sam was born female but has identified as being male since he could speak and is now living his life as one.  It is my hope that in sharing our uncommon journey through this blog, it will help families in the same situation find solace, and for society at large to discover acceptance for people who really are just like you and me.”

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