Becoming Us: ABC Family to Air Transgender Reality Show :

As much as I believe visibility can be a means for change, I also think being seen as “jumping on the bandwagon” comes with the danger of being reduced to a cliche and not being taken seriously by society at large. I can see a day when someone announces, “discrimination based on gender is a thing of the past,” and it will be as true as saying “racism has been overcome” despite all the evidence to the contrary.  


Becoming Us: ABC Family to Air Transgender Reality Show :

“Another cable network is looking to capitalize on the public’s interest in the transgender community by airing a real-life version of the Amazon drama Transparent.

This summer, ABC Family will premiere Becoming Us, an unscripted show that chronicles the life of 17-year-old Ben Lehwald of Evanstan, Illinois, as his father Charlie transitions to become Carly.

The docu-series from Ryan Seacrest Productions will take Ben’s perspective as he watches his dad divorce his mom, Suzy, before undergoing gender reassignment surgery. “

6 thoughts on “Becoming Us: ABC Family to Air Transgender Reality Show :

  1. All true of course – I wonder though if now the many people, especially young people, who are seeing all this may somehow feel more free to take whichever plunge it is they need to take. But i totally see what you mean, and the real issues of prejudice just carry on underneath.

  2. I’m torn on this subject of airing sexuality. One hand I think its great because its open and allows discussion, and is also informative for people who might be having serious mental health issues over it. On the other hand, I do believe it is a personal journey that shouldn’t be trivialised on a “reality show” that is purely for entertainment purposes (for the rest of us who are not going through this).

  3. I hear what you’re saying. Personally, I think more visibility can only lead to positive change in the long term. As more people see that trans people are the same kind of people they are, they will become more open to trans rights. Sure, there’s going to be short term growing pains like cliches and stereotypes (not to mention transphobic backlash), but the ultimate outcome will be a better, more inclusive world.

  4. I will not be watching this show and neither will my family. Our children are already immersed in questionable television – this is about enough! I think I will be emailing the station and telling them how disappointed I am, that a family cable network would air such garbage! Why not bring the Kardashians over while we’re at it? #superdissapointed

  5. I agree with you but also see that the program, if done properly, may bring the issue to the forefront and help educate people. If done for the wrong reason, sensationalism, then I agree what you are saying 100%. Sometimes, by pushing things into the mainstream, they can become just part of the way things are and people stop seeing the issue as something outside of the norm. The more familiar things are the more acceptable they become. Whatever happens, I hope the outcome is positive.

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