The real neat blog award


Kira Moore’s Closet has been nominated for the REAL NEAT BLOGGER AWARD by the author of

As some of you my know, I haven’t participated in blogging awards for some time. So often I have found I simply don’t have the time to respond to nominations properly and I didn’t think it fair to leave people hanging. Having said that, this nomination has touched me deeply. I think it only fair to share the comment I received, 

“So, once upon a time, I was a person too uncomfortable with being labeled ‘cis’ and too ostracized to be privileged to be labeled as ‘trans.’ I dared to begin my journey of making sense of all of that with one post. I’m still on that journey, working out stuff within, so as to be brave enough to challenge the stuff without. The labels. The binaries. The rules of engagement. The stuff that says I can’t just be me. A man/ woman thang. A king/ queen of sorts. More than gender non-conforming and less than a binary world of cis/ trans. Somewhere in between, where the world says no one is allowed to go. You, my dear beautiful Kira, helped me feel confident in doing that. Though, you may or may not see where I’m headed, you most definitely helped me make that first step comfortably. And now that I am on my way, I need to say thank you! In so many more ways than one. 

You were my first friend, in this land of ppl who don’t fit in anywhere. And though, I still don’t fit anywhere, I feel more in love with the bravery that comes with that and less afraid of the attack that comes from that. I can’t put into words what your friendship (albeit cyber and whatnot) has meant to my short, though powerfully vulnerable life. Thus, I won’t try to use words. Instead, I’d like to share a gesture of love, appreciation and recognition with you. By nominating your blog, Kira Moore’s Closet, and the spiritual power you behold within it, for the Real Neat Blogger Award. Though small, I pray you can feel the love and admiration this holds from me to you. If you choose to accept, you can find out more deets here–> To many more moments of shared love, growth and appreciation btw you and I! Peace & Blessings dear beautiful Kira!”

‘Thank you’ seems too small…

I have no other words.


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