Are transgender rights next in fight for equality?

Are transgender rights next in fight for equality?:

“The June Supreme Court ruling that made same-sex marriage legal across the county was a major victory for LGBT activists nationwide. But even as activists celebrated, they also spoke about the ways their work isn’t over yet. In Wisconsin, as in many other states, the next goal for many in the LGBT community is the creation of robust anti-discrimination laws.”

(Via. Wausau Daily Herald)


4 thoughts on “Are transgender rights next in fight for equality?

  1. Denied surgery for a broken leg on account of gender identity? Could we possibly petition God to make a new circle of Hell for health insurance brokers? (I picture something like Dante’s disease-ridden Tenth Bolgia, but with an emphasis on untreated violent injuries and incessant tedious and pointless form-filling, only to be denied treatment anyway)

  2. I do think Trans rights are a fight for equality although it’s hardly new. I do think there will be some intrigue when people understand just how diverse the Trans* spectrum is and how many under 30s are adopting a wide range of gender identities, More importantly, though, will be to begin to take antu-trans violence much more seriously,

  3. The fight will always go on. In my time equality all over the world will not happen. It is good that it is happening in our own backyard but the stigma will still be there. Be well

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