Lilly (Fiction)

At times it seemed as though silence had weight. An almost comforting feeling of pressure on her shoulders. Closing her eyes she could almost hold her breath and stop time forever. She opened her eyes, a bittersweet smile touching her lips. Of course it couldn’t last forever; outside the window the world continued on regardless of her wishes.

Tears formed in the corners of her eyes, making it difficult to know if the blurred scene beyond the glass was the truth or a self made illusion. She choked back a sob threatening to escape. She was a prisoner within these walls as much as within her mind. Only in her thoughts and dreams could she hope to be real in the world.

Out there the world imposed its will upon her, changing her. It warped her voice, twisting her reflection.

In that world she was a ghost. A figment of imagination. Madness or an incubus.

Through the silence she heard the cries of a lost child, forgotten in the darkness of expectation and assumption and though she knew it came rom her own lips, she could no more stop them than the tears which flowed unchecked down her cheeks.


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