Transgender Youth Don’t Have Anything Wrong With Their Hormones

Transgender Youth Don’t Have Anything Wrong With Their Hormones:

“A group of researchers may have put to rest the speculation still lingering in some medical literature that transgender people’s experiences are the result of a hormone imbalance.”

(Via. Newsweek)

5 thoughts on “Transgender Youth Don’t Have Anything Wrong With Their Hormones

  1. Bullshit study. No one that I know ever made that claim. The medical evidence is that hormonal imbalances IN UTERO cause us to be transgender. Studying 12 to 24 year olds is, to put it as gently as possible, a crock of shit that now creates a “study” that anti-trans people can use against the hormonal imbalance IN UTERO issue. Most won’t even read this idiot study and just misapply it. Stupid. I wonder what anti-trans group paid for this crock of crap?

    1. I think the point here was to debunk the claim of there being a hormonal or chemical imbalance currently (as opposed to in utero) which, it could be claimed, is reversible ala corrective “therapy.” This shows there is nothing to be corrected, reversed, or otherwise adjusted. Yes, there will be those who seek to twist this research to their own ends, but the same is true of any such studies.

  2. Sorry for a slightly off-topic comment, wasn’t sure how else to bring this to your attention:

    Thank you for requesting more information about the US Trans Survey. We’re excited about working with The San Diego LGBT Community Center to spread the word about the survey.

    Information about the survey can be found at The survey will not be live until August (on a date to be announced soon), but interested people can sign up to receive information about the survey and be alerted when the survey is available to complete. We are asking organizations to share the link above via email and/or social media 5 times between now and August. Information about the survey and its significance can also be found there

    Just wanted to give you a heads-up. Feel free to delete if this is inappropriate. 🙂

    1. No, posting here is fine 🙂
      I also added my name to the support list for this years survey. I think it is very important to get as many voices heard as possible and surveys such as this is an excellent way to achieve such a goal.
      Thank you for the heads-up! 🙂

  3. *
    It seems the same crowd are continually grasping at straws for ‘research’ limiting knowledge rather than expanding knowledge.

    They ignore there are numerous biological events the lead to the development of trans. Mother Nature does this on her own throughout life on Earth; that is simple enough to know. Another simple fact is that gender identity fixes by the end of the second month of gestation while sex does not fix until the end of the third month. So much also happens between and after.

    Ain’t life wonderfull without limits!

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