Song of the Abyss

Edge of the Abyss to Hell by Ann Warrenton

“Edge of the Abyss to Hell” by Ann Warrenton



There are times when it is difficult to see how to continue… Times when from the inside the scenery doesn’t seem to have changed no matter how much you have worked, hoped, or prayed.

When it seem the whole world has moved on while you remain static.

Add to this outside stresses and before you know it you have reached a place you know too well.

It starts with a whisper, so faint you might have imagined it; yet it returns time and again, just a little louder. It brings with it dreams unbidden, thoughts unexpected, and visions unwanted. Will-O-the-Wisps of promises. The comforting shade of hopes long buried.

There is a longing for the promised silence, a peace to be found beyond life. Your soul cries out for release even as the weight of simply waking up each day becomes a world trying to crush you, to drive you those last faltering steps from the sun into the eternal abyss.

I can close my eyes and see it waiting for me, as patiently as ever. The eternal winds blowing, lashing, taunting, whispering the words you have taken to heart; worthless, disappointment, mistaken, burden, failure…

All it requires is for you to take one last step.

Edge of the Abyss


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