Living Out Loud

I’m sitting here and the clock is showing 5:30PM. A little earlier than I planned to start writing this post, though I suppose it is as good a time as any considering…

Several times I have gone into work wearing some or all of my padding… (that is what you do when your not on hormones) and no one seemed to be the wiser. Of course this was before I made a point of saying anything to my coworkers or management. It was also before I was given the other half of my therapy homework which is to make a point to correct someone who uses the wrong pronouns… to which I am also adding using my dead name. I have made excuses for years now allowing people to refer to me with the wrong name, mainly not being “out” at work, or it just being easier not to rock the boat… well, I cannot keep doing this. I have enough to put with outside of work by having all the wrong information stamped all over my life. As nervous as it makes me, it is time to take a stand for myself and demand I be recognized.

So tonight I am going to cross this threshold and the consequences be damned.

Of course going back and reading all of this has my stomach doing flip flops… At the same time I am excited to be taking another step to be free of accommodating people who couldn’t understand if they tried. 

(I make no promises, but I might take a photo tonight to commemorate the occasion.)


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