No Gnu’s is Good Gnu’s

Antiqcool4 large

Something I have come to appreciate are those days when no news is good news. That said, they don’t lend themselves to griping blog posts. 🙂

Today was one in which the most exciting things were discovering new (to me) music. I’m at a point where my taste are changing and I’m not sure what will strike the right chord at any given time. I have found myself gravitating toward the Alternative, Blues, Singer/Songwriter genres. I can’t say exactly what I’m looking for other than it needs a  strong, smooth flavor which musically tends toward a darker, contemplative ambience without being morbid. An example is “Splitter” by Calexico. 

I also like instrumental and ambient because there are times when words are a distraction. A good example can be found from Antiqcool.  I discovered their music while searching through Noisetrade. My favorite song is “Girl In A Room” which is on the album “Original Instrumental Acoustic Guitar Songs VOL 1.” I also made a point of having them on their own playlist which gives me more than two hours of background music.


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