Tiny steps.

Sometimes it is the small things which speak the loudest.

Yesterday I needed to put in a supply request for the building I work in. Being a custodian it was for all the usual things. toilet paper, paper towels, and cleaning supplies. No big deal right?

Except the first thing you fill in is the name of the person making the request.

For a moment I seriously thought about leaving it blank for the first time in almost twenty years; then I signed Kira Moore. My supervisor didn’t say anything this morning when I went to punch out, but I’m curious to know if she left it alone.

Another thing which happened was having someone I worked with before return to 3rd shift. She greeted me with my old name and I explained to her I now go by Kira. She was completely fine with the news and immediately started using my correct name. 

Just a little further.

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