I’m exhausted

I haven’t had a chance to write anything personal for awhile now, I have simply been too busy with things at home.

First there was the kitchen faucet which decided to run continually until it had to be replaced. Of course doing so meant we now had a chance to change out the sink as well. So time was taken to shop for all the bits and pieces we needed and then the time to have everything installed. (Kudos to my brother-in-law who took pity on us and did all the work). 

Next was the vehicle which needs a new thermostat. More money, more shopping and more Kudos to the afore mentioned brother-in-law.

Then there was getting new glasses for two of the boys, doctor visits for A and myself, then filling prescriptions. (Yup, more shopping and more money).

None of this includes working full time, taking care of the house and kids, cooking, shopping for groceries, never mind something as pointless as sleep…

Hopefully things will settle back down soon… 


5 thoughts on “I’m exhausted

  1. Always something – eh?
    I recently had to put out some cash in my car for normal wear & tear stuff & just so happens that today I’m taking the girls for new glasses & sports goggles.
    See me? I’m on the same boat as you. LOL 😉

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