VA’s first transgender clinic opens in Cleveland |

Dr Megan McNamara


VA’s first transgender clinic opens in Cleveland |

“CLEVELAND, Ohio – The first clinic for transgender patients in the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs medical care system opened today at the Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center.”


5 thoughts on “VA’s first transgender clinic opens in Cleveland |

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    Pat Robertson was at it today on ‘700 Club’.

    I do not know its exact URL or what his site is or whether it posts their daily show. I’m certain no one will have difficulty finding what you want if you choose.

    Anyway …

    First he began with a segment in their opening ‘news’ slot. About two or three stories in, Robertson and his ‘news’ team reported how horrible it was that two women were fired from their daycare jobs because they refused to accept the self-identification of a transgender child. I do not know if this child is a boy identifying as a girl or a girl identifying as a boy; Robertson and his ‘news’ team mangled the facts.

    Robertson’s issue was his complaint that two daycare workers should not have been fired because it is their religious belief that they should not be obligated to acknowledge a trans-child in their care and custody – which is why their employer fired them. Robertson went on a confused rant that was a combined pro- and con- statement about trans-children – ‘How could they know?’ sort of drivel. Oh! to wave that poster of the exasperated little girl with the caption ‘She’s too young to decide to be a girl … said no one ever to the cisgender girl’. So, Robertson failed to tell his audience when he decided to be a boy.

    Oops, stop the presses.

    A later ‘news brief’ included their story of this Cleveland VA Hospital and Medical Center becoming a prime medical center for transsexual veterans – doctor visits, counselling, hormones. ‘700 Club’ made no mention of any surgical procedures there – BA, FFS, GCS / SRS. Their report mentioned that there are 20 transsexual patients now active at Cleveland.

    The complexity that Christian Conservatives hold – while they question and perhaps demean trans-children, they applaud transsexual services for American veterans at the VA centers. Or is that the applause of one hand clapping?

    As I frequently say and write to be fair: Catch someone doing well – compliment the well, chastise the ill.


      1. *

        Don’t get me wrong. I’m no fan of Rev. Pat Robertson. I browse his ‘700 Club’ and other shows to know, learn, and understand the political opposition. Sometimes I want to puke or cover my eyes and ears.

        I am fair, as I wrote; I will call for support when we all agree. He supported transsexual causes and research in the past; Robertson devoted an entire block sympathising, calling for pro-transsexual research back some time during 2013. It was the first time I heard this from him and it basically floored me. Apparently he has been a quiet supporter for I don’t know how long.

        You know Robertson has clout in his position. I have neither heard nor read others condemn his pro-transgender / pro-transsexual statements.

        Today, though a mixed message, Robertson and his ‘co-host’ showed support known from few at the political right-wing or Christian Conservative.

        Our point of mutual agreement is a nice place to start where we can mend our differences.


      2. I will need to look into his possible support, I have seen and heard some negative things from him regarding LGB issues so I’ll reserve judgment.

      3. *

        You are quite correct, Kira, about Robertson’s reputation on LG and B. He behaves as horrendous as the others.

        One day a couple years ago, Robertson mocked marriage equality when he brought two armadillos to his show and announced that the State of Texas legally married those two armadillos.

        Robertson’s act that day would be an affront to some quite legitimate cultures.

        I am not familiar, but I understand that India allows people to marry trees or animals. It is part of their belief system that all creation is equal – humans, animals, vegetation, mountains.

        Eh, the Judeo – Christian Bible right there in Genesis declares that God made creation in the image and likeness of God. That the Sun, moons, planets, seas, mountains, air, birds, fish, animals, and humans are all God’s creation, are the image and likeness of God, and are all equal. ‘God said they are good.’


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