New Hair and Wind Burn!

Yes, I went out today having bought a new wig yesterday. While I felt great I was also lazy and didn’t put on any make up… it is the weekend after all, but I ended up with a rather red face from wind burn which really stands out in a photograph 😦

Anyway, here is a picture with the new hair do, please try not to be too harsh.

IMG 0771  1

14 thoughts on “New Hair and Wind Burn!

  1. Hi Kira-
    Just logging into the WP & who do I see? YOU!!!
    Looking good. The color of your top is perfect for a day with no make-up.
    I tend to wear colorful tops or reds quite often – since I rarely wear make-up.

  2. This is a perfect hair cut for anytime, anywhere! You can dress up or down or off to the side with it, and it looks great without make up.
    I don’t wear make, often. I like it, but my skin does not, and my eyes tear up viciously. This is why I wear big, or unusual glasses. My eye wear has become my de facto eye make up. A bit of lipstick is my only standard.
    …. Oh I like nail polish!

    1. Polish is always nice, it’s just difficult to find the right color as I prefer pale shades of pink. Often I wear a clear hardener instead as it keeps my nails from chipping.

      1. Luv pale shades of nail polish pink!!! For lipstick as well!
        Interesting, but American Apparel has some lovely shades! L’Esprit is a pastel lavender I’m adoring at the moment.
        Not quite pink… on the blue end of pink, and divine! Makes the nails look longer, and hides many flaws, including the color itself as it wears away/chips off.
        Can’t paint my nails every day! lol!

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