Sometimes you read a blog post or some random article off the web and something just ‘clicks.’ You can’t really explain it, even showing someone else doesn’t elicit the same response. It is simply one of those rare things which can bring a smile to your lips for no other reason than it exists.

In this case it did have a subject I am interested in, writing. No, it didn’t tell how to write the Great American Novel, not even how to write anything at all but it did tell an engaging tale and spoke to some of the frustrations I have felt.

It was about sharing true life experiences, about how and when such things not necessarily should be shared, but when all of the elements of memory, emotion, recollection and writing ability might come together in a form which could be translated into a book others would want to read.

The question is asked, can such things be shared with the public without destroying them?

The answer is most likely, maybe.

4 thoughts on “Pondering

  1. I sometimes feel like the act of trying to translate an experience, memory, or emotion into written words destroys a little piece of it while preserving the whole. And then I second-guess myself for trying to share it at all. You’ve made me think awfully deeply for a Wednesday night…

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