A Thousand Words

I have written thousands of words and thrown them all away.

Is it foolish to hope to one day share something wonderful and meaningful with the world when, in truth, everything you find so important one moment in the end evaporates like mist in the morning sun. As empty and pointless as promises whispered in the passionate moments of a one night stand.


5 thoughts on “A Thousand Words

  1. Please keep copies of all your writing. I feel like this about mine regularly, but one never knows when encouragement and inspiration will come. I have no doubt your will resonate with many. xxx

    1. I have copies of my work, plus backups. Like you say, you never know… as it happens, this post came from trying to write about my personal experiences and finding it to be the hardest, most frustrating thing I have ever done.

  2. *
    Writing is an excellent way to put your random thoughts into precise logic – when you write, edit, re-write, and re-edit.

    Find your self. Write. Write a thousand more words a thousand more times on a thousand more days.

    You will find meaning and you will later wonder how you ever allowed self-doubt to cloud your perceptions. It is only ’empty and pointless’ when you allow your self-doubts to define it that way.

    Allow me to write that I find importance in each daily ‘mist in the morning sun’ that I experience – each new one each new day. You will realise and accept that it is an experience that will occur only once on that one day and never happen again; that is okay, embrace it and hold it to your heart and your memory. The next day’s ‘mist and the morning sun’ will forever be another new experience to cherish for its existence. And so on.

    Write. Write more. Write again. And when you’ve done that, write more again.


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