North African men suspected of stoning transgender women in German city – International – Jerusalem Post

Do these morons believe this is 1016 instead of 2016?

North African men suspected of stoning transgender women in German city – International – Jerusalem Post: “BERLIN — Three young men from North Africa were arrested on Saturday in the western German city of Dortmund for stoning two transgender women.”


One thought on “North African men suspected of stoning transgender women in German city – International – Jerusalem Post

  1. okay … first Islam is an ideology, not a religion, and Muslims are not a race, Muslims are of every race , every ethnic backgrounds…. a Muslim is simply any person who believes in and follows the Islamic Ideology , having said that , The Muslim “migrants”- “refugees” come from a culture of violence, death, Sharia Law, Rape, and Murder ….. women do not wear the Burka for religious purposes , they wear it so the men do not molest and rape them , they come from a culture where rape and molestation are perfectly normal and the men are seldom if ever punished , women have no rights at all , they are nothing more than property to be bought and sold for a man’s pleasure and to make babies …. nothing more , if a woman is raped , she faces being stoned to death for adultery , or killed in an honor killing by her husband, male children, or her own family …..

    LGBT people are beaten, tortured, stoned to death , hung, thrown off tall buildings to their death , burned alive, crucified etc …. again this is perfectly normal in their culture …. somehow the Western world, Europe, UK and every other non muslim majority country believes that the so called refugees and migrants that are coming in multitudes to our shores , will leave their culture and beliefs behind and adopt our way of thinking, our beliefs , our way of life .

    They certainly will never adopt our ways, customs, or beliefs …. they bring with them their own, they are not going to give any of it up , however, they will expect you to conform to their ways and beliefs .

    So yes this hideous murder of a Trans gendered person is absolutely shocking and horrifying to all of us … but to the men who did this evil act of insane violence …. they have done absolutely nothing wrong and do not see what the issue is , we are all evil infidels to them … there will be much more LGBT killings in the name of Islam, there will be many more thousands of rapes against the infidel women … make no mistake , peace between the infidel and Islam is not possible , our very existence, culture, beliefs, equality and rights for women and LGBT and all other minorities is an absolute evil abomination to the Ideology of Islam . ,

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