Where the presidential candidates stand on transgender issues | Sun Times National

Where the presidential candidates stand on transgender issues | Sun Times National:

“Politicians blow a lot of wind when it comes to discussing marriage equality, religious liberty, or LGBT rights. Hillary Clinton has staked out LGBT rights as part of her campaign. Others like Ted Cruz have waved the banner against it, racking up endorsements from anti-gay conservative leaders like collectibles.

But politicians often ignore that last bit — the T — even during a time of unprecedented visibility for the transgender community.”


2 thoughts on “Where the presidential candidates stand on transgender issues | Sun Times National

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    One argument presents that this is single-issue politics.

    Greens, Democrats, liberals, progressives clearly have supported our ‘T’ issues long-term. There are few johnny-come-latelies; those who are, find themselves highly unlikely to reverse their course.

    Republicans, Christian Conservatives, right-wingers, Bushies are more than happy to boast their position opposing civil rights. That is the inherent nature of their political position. We must also take caution not to allow them to fool even one of us by their feigned support and lip-service for they will turn on a dime.

    Allow this plain-spoken comparison.

    – Democracy is like a Public Library; there are no barriers to admission, everyone is welcomed to participate, learn, and grow, and everyone participates to establish our policies for the betterment of all.

    – Republicanism is like a country club where their self-appointed leaders decide who gets to enter their premises or join, under whose rules the members must comply, and anyone is subject to expulsion without cause or reason.

    As for me, I’d much prefer life in freedom at the Public Library than life constricted by oppression of the country club who refuses my admission anyway.

    See, it is not single-issue politics after-all.

    As for we the ‘T’, yes we are different from the ‘L’, ‘G’, and ‘B’, and all the others of that rainbow. Identity is distinct from orientation. Identity is immutable regardless of where one places their position along our spectrum and regardless of one’s fluidity (that in itself is a place along our spectrum).


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