The Girl (Fiction) (Short Story)

Kanna wondered, as she often did, about the secrets hidden behind the chocolate eyes of the girl in the corner booth. Each day she sat, school books set neatly upon the formica table top, papers or a notebook set just so as she worked.

Her order was made according to the weather, iced tea for warm days, hot coca for cold. Only once had Kenna been surprised when asked for hot tea with lemon, (but the girls rough edged voice and red, raw nose explained the request).

Such things were not what had caught her curiosity, though. It was the time after, when the papers and books had been put away and the girl would sit, sometimes for hours, looking out the window.

To Kanna, it did not seem as though she looked at the scene just beyond the glass but to some thing or some where, only she could see.

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