I find your lack of empathy disturbing…

I happened across this via Reddit. This is an opinion piece which includes a link to Dirt, which is a blog which tracks young trans boys.

It is bad enough to know there are those who out trans adults but there is simply no excuse for harassing trans children. If you read the original blog post and then the included twitter conversation, I think you will find it as chilling as I did.

Being straight, lesbian, gay, or trans are issues which should not be subject to bullying tactics. It is up to each individual to find the path in this life which is right for them regardless of your agreement or disdain. 

If you agree with a persons life choices, support them in any way possible.

If you don’t, then keep it to yourself.

2 thoughts on “I find your lack of empathy disturbing…

  1. *
    I was once an active member of NOW, presenting to them as male during my transition. We all worked hard and long hours in our efforts to pass the ERA during the late-1970s through early-1980s.

    I nearly came out to some of the members, then had an idea there was something amiss, felt a sense of danger about it, and quickly came to my senses. I could not realise why at that time.

    Then, following one activity, the local NOW chapter announced a post-campaign party ‘for women only’ – NO MEN ALLOWED! – that was a insult to the few male members.

    I filed a complaint that fell on deaf ears, realised it was pointless, and refused to retain my membership.

    Did TERFs take control of that NOW chapter? Or were the leadership narrow-minded? Or what?

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